We’ve been working more and more with the communication app, Speak For Yourself, on the iPad and Evie’s really doing well! It’s so exciting to see what she has to say beyond the signs we’ve been able to learn.

Here she is playing a peekaboo game with her speech therapist, who has been wonderful in helping us!


Later in the evening, Evie used the app to tell me “Aleyna, car, hat, outside” more than once. So of course we went outside with her hat and let Aleyna push her in her little car. She also said “Aleyna, bike, love” because she really does LOVE Aleyna’s bike. haha.

We just got all the paperwork submitted to hopefully get Evie her own iPad Mini with the app and an external speakers case and I’m praying we get our hands on it before heading back to Cincinnati, but you just never know with insurance! We could get it next week. We could get it in six months. *sigh*

Oh! And now she’s up to 21 pounds! Five pounds since June! So so exciting!


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