Cincinnati Schedule

I just got our schedule for Cincinnati and wanted to share it so you all know how to be praying.  These times are in Eastern time zone.

4/8 Monday: 7:30am Cardiology (we just want a fresh set of eyes on Evie’s heart)
11am Videoswallow (this is a live xray that shows us how Evie swallows)
2pm Anesthesia Consult

4/9 Tuesday: 8:15am CT Scan of her chest under sedation
2:30pm Clinic Appointments with GI and Pulmonary

4/10 Wednesday: 9:30am (arrival 7:30am) Evie will be put under anesthesia for scopes done by GI, Pulmonary, ENT and will also get a 4th set of ear tubes. This should be an outpatient procedure.


Then we have a nice break where we’re hoping to do a few fun things as a family.


4/15 Monday: 1:30pm Bilateral Choanal Atresia Revision (Evie’s nasal passages will be cleared of scar tissue so that they can do further scoping and testing. This will be the 3rd surgery on her nose and they expect her to be inpatient 2-3 days afterwards)


So there it is. A busy few days.

Prayer Requests for the next few days:

  • Smooth travel with nothing forgotten!
  • That Aleyna will do well at my parents’ house while we’re in Cincinnati.
  • Staying healthy!!!!!!


I’ll post updates throughout our trip and share more specific prayer requests. Thank you everyone!


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