Evie’s New Walker

We bought Evie a walker this past week so we would have it for Cincinnati. I’d like her to do as little crawling as possible while we’re there! Ick. Germs.

We got it Tuesday evening and Evie cried horribly when she saw it! Poor thing. There were some major temper tantrums! In her session with her physical therapist the next day we were able to distract her with some TV and maneuver her into the walker. She took a few steps, but got very upset again. Thursday we convinced her to walk with it backwards so it’s more like pushing a cart.

Using the walker backwards.
Using the walker backwards. Isn’t it the teensiest walker you’ve ever seen?!

Evie’s Occupational Therapist suggested covering up the rubbery handles as the texture might be an issue for Evie (she does NOT like certain textures against her palms). After that she was much more willing to try it the correct way.

Yesterday we took her outside and she did this:


She LOVES it! We are so excited for her! Our next goals are steering and using the walker while wearing her AFOs (which she currently hates because they make her feet feel so heavy).


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