647 Days

That’s how long we made it until Evie got her very first trach infection: last week. That’s a big deal, people.  Some kids get near constant trach infections.  Also, the trach culture we took showed lots of white blood cells so Evie’s body is fighting it like it should be. That’s my positive spin on the fact that Evie got a trach infection 2 weeks before surgeries!!!!! Why does she insist on throwing curve balls all.the.time?

So, basically, we’re doing a round of antibiotics so we can knock this infection out before Cincinnati. Please pray it’s gone before we head back to her pediatrician on Monday to do another trach culture and her pre-op physical.

Also, all the rest of us got sick this weekend as well. When we have to spend 2-3 nights up all night with Evie when she’s sick, our immune systems just can’t fight anymore.  Ty’s missing work. Aleyna and I are just lying around when I should be doing all the bajillions of things I need to do before we leave in less than 2 weeks. Hopefully by tomorrow we’ll be feeling much better.

How cute is she with her freshly washed hair?
How cute is she with her freshly washed hair?

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