Sick Again + Ground Ivy

Well, Evie started running a fever yesterday and throwing up quite a bit of her feeds.  The night went fairly well, though.

Another special needs mom recommended Ground Ivy herbal tincture to help with ear drainage, but we discovered that it dried up her secretion levels overall (which is great for Evie!).  The first time we used it we didn’t compensate by increasing her overnight humidity levels, so she got too dry and couldn’t maintain her oxygen levels. We discontinued it, but tried again a week later, this time upping her humidity by quite a bit. It seemed to help quite a bit with drying her up and she bounced back much quicker from that sickness. We’re hoping it helps even more this time around now that we’ve figured out the dosage and adjustments we need to make. If it does, it will make such a difference in her life to not have such huge weight loss with every cold.

Thank you again for the prayers! Hopefully a weekend of rest will get us all healthy again!

*And just to note: I’m NOT a doctor. This is not medical advice, just something we’ve tried. Do your own research and ask your doctor first before trying the Ground Ivy.


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