Prayer Requests

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. Unfortunately, we’ve had some sickness going through the house the last two weeks. Fortunately, Evie hasn’t caught it yet, but now that we’re into the weekend and Ty and I are BOTH sick and we couldn’t get a nurse for the weekend, I don’t hold out much hope that we’ll be able to keep her healthy. Please be praying that if she does catch it, that she can handle it well!  She’s been gaining weight again and was up to 19 lb 5 oz yesterday so let’s hope she doesn’t lose it all now!

Also, please be praying for the CHARGE community as a whole. We’ve lost a lot of little CHARGErs lately and it’s been hard. Please pray for the families that have had to say goodbye. We hurt so much for them. CHARGE has about a 30% death rate in the first five years with most of those deaths occurring in the first year. Too short of a time to spend with their precious little ones.

Thank you everyone for your prayers!


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