Three Small Steps

Evie took three steps all on her own last weekend!!!!

I thought we were months away from this moment and here it is! We are thrilled (in fact, I think my thrilled-ness may have scared Miss Evie!) and excited to help her along.

Now, just so we’re clear, we don’t expect her to start walking any day now. We don’t even expect it in the coming months. What she did was more than likely a fluke, but a good fluke.  She didn’t mean to take three steps, but her body just did it on its own.  She’s shown us that her body CAN do it so now we just wait for her brain to figure out how to do it intentionally. All toddlers go through this, it’s just Evie has extra hurdles for her brain to get it all straightened out (low muscle tone and balance issues primarily). It’s just like the first time she accidentally rolled over. She had NO IDEA how she got turned over and it took her awhile to figure out how to do it again, but we were over the moon about it!

I tried to get a video of her doing it again, but she’s just a big ole cheater now!  She does everything possible to lean on us for support. And laughs about it. Silly girl. So maybe in a few months we’ll have a video!

Evie has a busy month ahead of her, so you can be praying that all goes well. We’ve started the paperwork to get her a BAHA hearing aid which is bone conductive and therefore bypasses the ear canals (perfect for a child whose ears are constantly filled with fluid and she can wear it on a headband until she’s older). We’ll be doing a trial with an alternative communication device. She clearly wants to talk audibly so we want to honor that desire and give her a chance to “talk”. We also will be meeting with someone who will help us evaluate Evie for using Cued Speech. And we’re switching Evie to a different med for her reflux to see if that allows her digestion to speed up and then be able to increase the volume of her feeds.  So lots going on and hopefully I’ll be able to report lots of good news in the coming weeks.


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