Sick Again…

Remember when I was all excited because Evie finally made it on the growth chart? Yeah…she was sick about a day later and has already lost a pound. A POUND! Actually, more than a pound. 1 lb 4 oz. And because her calorie intake is still just a little over half her usual, she will continue to lose weight. And like usual, it will take us probably a good month to get her back to where she was before getting sick and then another couple of weeks before she starts gaining past that.

She’s already doing much better. She just has a lot more secretions and struggles a bit with keeping her oxygen levels up at night. Hopefully that will pass soon.

Honestly, I’m just very frustrated right now.  We can’t do surgery on her trachea and get her trach out until she gets quite a bit bigger, but at this rate…sigh. Just frustrated.


Already feeling a ton better, but a pound lighter. 😦

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