Big News x 3!

Big news! Evie is FINALLY back on the growth chart! At 16.5 months, she is 17 lb 6.5 oz and is in the 2nd percentile on the WHO growth charts! So so exciting! We’ve had to work very hard for every ounce, but we’re thrilled she’s finally growing again after losing weight and then stalling after she got sick nearly 7 weeks ago. Hopefully she can keep up this pace and we avoid sickness.

More big news! Evie learned how to climb up the stairs yesterday! She’s already a pro, looking like she’s been doing it forever. Of course, this means that my once baby-proofed play room in the basement is no longer baby proof, so another gate is in our future. She is just getting stronger all the time. It’s amazing to watch!

And even more big news!  I got in touch with the top specialist in auditory neuropathy and he is going to take a look at Evie’s records! We’ve been taking a wait and see approach to Evie’s hearing, but we’re anxious to determine what her hearing issues really are and the plans to move forward. Please pray that either it turns out she does not have any auditory neuropathy (and it was just a glitch in testing) or that it really is only in her left side. It is always possible it is an issue in both sides and that leaves us with far fewer options. Hopefully, he’ll have a chance to look over things in the next few weeks and then we’ll establish a game plan of more testing or seeing other specialists.

These girls love each other!

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers!


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