Just a Little Update + Videos!

I apologize for not updating in such a long time. Time seems to just slip through my fingers these days. Evie is doing great, though we’re still trying to get her back up to full feeds since her bout with Roseola at the beginning of August. She’s still gaining weight, but much slower than before the sickness.

Developmentally Evie is doing a lot! She’s doing more signs all the time and “babbles” constantly, mimicking our mouth movements and blowing raspberries to talk to us. She’s getting herself into a sitting position more and more these days and can sit quite a long time.  Her legs are getting stronger and just this weekend she’s started letting go of whatever she’s holding onto while standing. She usually tips over pretty quickly, but she’s pretty determined.  She’s getting much better with fine motor skills as well and I think her occupational therapist has been such a blessing to Evie. She’s been doing more and more ever since we started doing weekly therapy with this new therapist. Love her!

My sister came to visit this month and got some great videos of the girls. I wanted to share some of them with you so you can see Evie in action.

First up we have this video that captures Evie’s facial expressions beautifully. She may not be able to vocalize, but you never doubt how she’s feeling!

You can see how she can just break your heart in two. Disciplining her is going to be a challenge to say the least! People constantly ask us how we know she’s crying, but you can see for yourself, we usually have no problems! In fact, when I see other babies cry (who CAN vocalize) it’s hard for me to tell they’re crying because they’re not as expressive as Evie!

This video shows Evie doing the sign “more” when Daddy flips her over! This is her favorite game with Daddy.

And here’s an older video of Evie giving kisses. This was the first time she figured out how to do this noise and now does it all the time! She only does it once in this video at the beginning and then gets back to playing with her feeding tube (her favorite toy!). It makes me giggle every time I watch it!

As you can see, Evie is bursting with personality and we just love her to pieces!


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