Seeing Beautifully

We saw Evie’s ophthalmologist this past Friday for a checkup on Evie’s eyes. Evie has a tiny coloboma in her left eye, but the doctor still felt like it didn’t affect her vision at all! She also isn’t far sighted which can happen with low muscle tone. With Evie’s large birthmark, we were told she would possibly have a higher risk of glaucoma and would need to have that monitored the rest of her life, but since the birthmark seems to be fading and she was cleared of the seizure syndrome associated with port wine stains, the doctor doesn’t think that will be an issue for her! So lots of good news. We are just so grateful that this will hopefully be one less obstacle for Evie. It amazes me that we went home from the NICU being told she was more than likely blind and here she is, seeing beautifully!

Evie’s been doing fairly well with everything else as well. She’s gained a pound and a half since we started adding blenderized meat to her breastmilk. We’ve started weekly speech and occupational therapies which I think will be a huge benefit to her. Her sitting is improving, she’s doing more signs to communicate, and she’s figured out how to make a kissing noise which is so ridiculously cute that I giggle like a little girl every time she does it! I’ll have to post a video of her when I get a chance! Here’s a few pictures from the last while.

Evie at the zoo back at the beginning of June

Evie and Aleyna love playing with the magnets on the fridge.

My girls adore one another (and Evie loves her baby, too. Oh, and these are her AFOs and shoes)