Yesterday we had another cardiology appointment to discuss our continuing concerns with Evie’s low heart rate. The cardiologist thinks that what we’re seeing is reflux induced bradycardia. Basically when reflux occurs, it triggers a nerve that slows the heart. The good thing is that her body sees the slowed heart rate and speeds it back up again. He wants to do another 48 hour Holter Monitor to monitor her heart, but also wants to try to get her an ACT monitor. This is like the monitors in the hospitals, but she can wear it at home. It would actually send the data to a lab that would monitor the results. The problem is that most insurances will not cover this device. There is a program that was a sort of trial situation where the hospital would foot the bill if insurance didn’t, but that program ended this week. Our cardiologist is still going to try to get her into the program, so please pray that happens!

No one feels Evie is in any kind of life threatening situation, but with so many surgeries in her future and such a high chance of having a heart defect, we want to be thorough.

Thank you everyone for your prayers! Next week we see her ENT and ophthalmologist, so hopefully those go well, too.


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