This past Monday, Evie had her first appointment with audiology. Many of you remember that we discovered that Evie had some hearing loss when we finally were able to do a hearing test at the end of March. Here is a graph that the audiologist shared with us to help us understand Evie’s hearing loss:

Let me see if I can explain this well. The orange line is her right ear, green line, her left. In her right ear, the lower frequency sounds are harder for her to hear, but higher frequency sounds are in the near normal range. So she needs more amplification of the low frequencies than high frequencies. In her left ear she was in the severe hearing loss range across all frequencies, but some more than others. We are still questioning if that is mostly a fluid issue (very common in CHARGErs). When they did a different type of test, it showed that she could possibly only have moderate hearing loss, but the fluid makes it worse (like hearing underwater).

After explaining everything, she had us pick out which color we wanted of the particular model Evie will be getting (we decided to go with pink!) . Because Evie has issues with fluid in her ears, the audiologist decided to go with a slightly larger model with more adjustability.  The fluid will definitely present a challenge as the levels change daily for her. The ear tubes do help, but due to her blocked nasal passages, there’s really nowhere for the fluid to go. Some days she may need more amplification, other days less, so we will just have to experiment and see what works for her.

Next the audiologist placed a tiny sponge inside Evie’s ear canal and squirted pink goo into her ear. It hardened and formed the mold to make the part of the hearing aid that goes in the ear. That little part will attach to a part that hooks behind her ear.

Evie was doing pretty well, so we ran a few errands after the appointment. As we get out of sickness season, it’s becoming more possible to get out with her. Evie and I had fun swinging on the swing at Lowe’s.

I love this picture! I think this also gives some great perspective of just how tiny Evie really is! She certainly doesn’t look like she’s going to ONE next week!!!!

We’ll be sure to post pictures of her birthday celebrations!


One thought on “Audiology

  1. Your little Evie is so precious!! I’ve been catching up on your blog entries. What a warrior kiddo! I dearly wish that we lived much closer to you guys…feel like there were ways we could offer more practical support. You are an AMAZING mama, a superstar, not only for your supernaturally-powered efforts but also for your steely-eyed positive attitude. Hugs to you all, but especially Evie! 😀

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