March 27, 2012

We have finally got Evie’s tests scheduled for this Friday, the 30th. It will be a very busy day and starting very early. She will be put under general anesthesia first, then she will have an MRI that will check her brain, ears and face. Then a CT scan (formerly known as CAT scans) will check her trachea and upper chest. Sometime in there, audiology will come down with their portable BAER/ABR machine to test her hearing. After she wakes up, we’ll head up to her pediatrician’s office to get her last RSV vaccine shot (they are monthly shots given during peak RSV times). Thursday we will see her ENT and surgeon and I’m hoping I can convince her surgeon to pop down to radiology to put in a new gtube while she’s under since her current one has an internal valve that is broken, so it leaks constantly.

Please pray especially for general anesthesia to go well. I’ve said before that typically the surgeries/procedures themselves don’t worry us, it’s the general anesthesia that’s the most dangerous part for Miss Evie. That is why we try our best to group together as many procedures in one shot, so we can avoid putting her under as much as possible. We’ve been very fortunate to have Evie’s pediatrician and her scheduler working hard on Evie’s behalf to get all of these things scheduled. It is no easy task trying to coordinate so many different people and departments. Also, please pray for the results of all these tests. Please pray we find nothing in some instances and answers to questions in other instances. Thank you again everyone!



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