March 17, 2012

Please be praying for Evie. She has a fever and lots of drainage. Poor thing needs constant (and I do mean constant) suctioning, is throwing up, and is generally just miserable.  Her oxygen saturation is a bit lower than it usually is and her heart rate is much faster. Please just pray she gets over this quickly. Our pediatrician told us when we first met her to expect Evie to take at least 2-3 times longer than a typical child to recover from any illness. Aleyna was sick with this for two days and is still pretty stuffed up, so we expect Evie to take quite a bit longer. Please pray that that is NOT the case and she bounces back much quicker than we expect.

Also please pray for Ty and I. We are getting very little sleep or rest. Please pray that we do not get sick as well.

Thank you everyone.


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