March 9, 2012 B

I’m afraid today did not go well. In her esophagram, I first tried to force feed the barium to her in a bottle, but she refused to swallow. Then we put some barium in through her gtube and tried to get her to throw up, but she wouldn’t. And lastly we tried putting a tube down her throat to get the barium into her esophagus, but that went horribly as well. So no picture and we’re going to have to schedule a CT scan and probably an MRI as well. We will be contacting all of her specialists to see if there is anything they want to take a look at while she is sedated in the CT scan or MRI and get everything done all at once.

It’s very difficult feeling like all we do is torture Evie, but her sweet personality just bounces right back. That girl is tough, let me tell you.  Her mama is not quite as tough. Hopefully we have not worsened her oral aversion, but only time will tell.

We also received some news at a different appointment that a problem we thought had been ruled out when Evie was just five days old, was not in fact ruled out. Apparently the wrong tests were done, so we will need to check some things in an MRI. Please pray we find out this really is nothing. And please pray as we schedule the tests that we can get a look at everything we want to in timely manner and that the sedation will go smoothly.

Thank you for your prayers everyone! We will keep you updated as to when those tests will be done!


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