February 7, 2011

Yesterday we went to see a cardiologist to get a second opinion on Evie’s heart. After doing another chest x-ray and EKG, the doctor came to the conclusion that while her heart is doing some things that aren’t “typical” it is still within the normal ranges.  So there is a slight lag in the communication of the sides of the heart, but it is still within the acceptable range.  We have yet to catch her irregular heart rhythm on the Holter monitor though, so he decided to do a 48 hour recording this time.  As of last night, her heart still had not done its “thing” which is very frustrating.  Please pray that we can catch it in this recording!

He did have some very encouraging things to say though.  He doesn’t think she has an arrhythmia, which is great to hear.  He would like to do a more in depth echo cardiogram in a few months while she is sedated to really confirm that she no longer has pulmonary hypertension (high pressure in the arteries of the lungs which makes the heart work harder) like she had when she was in the NICU.  In her other echos, we didn’t see any evidence that the pressures were abnormal, but we also were not able to confirm with positive evidence that the pressures were normal.  Does that make sense?  So no bad evidence, but no good evidence either.

We are not trying to seek out bad news here, but we really need to confirm that her heart is in good shape before she starts The Year of Surgery.  Since two-thirds of CHARGErs have heart defects, we are still not at a place to move on quite yet.  Yes, we do feel better after seeing the doctor yesterday, but when there’s a 60-70% chance of there being a problem, it’s necessary to be thorough.

Thank you for all of your prayers yesterday and please continue to pray that we catch the irregularities on the heart monitor.


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