January 6, 2011

We had been noticing some irregular hear rhythms with Evie, so we had the cardiologist put her on a heart monitor to record everything for 24 hours. We spoke to the cardiologist about the results of her heart monitoring. He said she has a “wide variability in her heart rhythm.” His opinion is that this is perfectly normal, but because of the highly unusual electrical direction in her heart, her medical history, and her 60-70% chance of heart problems related to CHARGE, we’ve decided to pursue a second opinion. We will be seeing a cardiologist in Iowa City who specializes in electrophysiology (the electrical activities of the heart) at the beginning of February. If she were a typical child who did not have numerous surgeries in the years ahead, we would take the good news and run, but we want to know as much of her story as possible before we stress her body again with surgeries.

In amazing news, Evie has started scooting! Not very well, mind you, but she is extremely determined! When we brought her home from the hospital and I looked ahead to Christmas and the New Year, I remember thinking “I hope she can hold her head up more by then” and here she is on the verge of crawling! I’m stunned and so excited for her.

Thank you all for your prayers, encouragement, and especially your acceptance of our beautiful little girl.


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